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cs6 giacomo_car: I'm sure you are giacomo_car: it's one of the official ubuntu releases I see so. anyone know why blacklisted modules like module-assistant would get installed as part of a dependency on a package I'd have to reinstall to get the blacklist back? maybe you're right but I'm not at all familiar with linux in general and I'm sure that you'll understand better than me (I'm *sure* this only happens when you dist-upgrade a release of a package - otherwise, how would you re-install that?) giacomo_car: you're not making much sense I was saying that if the command you mentioned is the one for upgrading a specific version, and it works and it doesn't mention that it's for ubuntu, I'm not gonna know it was you giacomo_car: it's for every release - you don't need to know the specific version of ubuntu to install it, it's in the official repos giacomo_car: so I don't understand why you think the command doesn't do what you want giacomo_car: it does what you want giacomo_car: (you said you wanted to upgrade, the command does that) sorry about that, I just said I wasn't sure about the procedure... I didn't know how to express myself giacomo_car: you need to start using ubuntu, and doing a little research on how to use it giacomo_car: then you'll understand how to upgrade the packages giacomo_car: upgading a specific release will do exactly the same as upgrading a specific package giacomo_car, gksu "do-release-upgrade -c" Hello. Can anyone tell me why a file I want to "drop" to /tmp has also a directory entry "inode" and "ext" in my /





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Free Download License Key Noiseware Professional V4.1.1.0 For Adobe Photoshop Latest

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